Standard Butterfly Valves

Our standard butterfly valves can be used for air, gas, and water applications where absolute "tight" shut-off is not required. These low pressure, metal seated valves are furnished with a cast iron body and disc. Type 304 stainless steel shafts, teflon bearing, teflon packing, steel packing gland and a steel pipe plug.

Advanced Valve standard butterfly valve

Our standard valves are:

  • Available in wafer or lug.
  • Suitable for 25 psi differential pressure through the 12" size and 15 psi differential in sizes 14" and above.
  • Designed to fit between ANSI 125/150 LB. or RPM flanges.
  • Able to handle temperature from -20ºF to +450ºF.

All standard valves are available in various seat configurations to meet specific applications and service conditions. Some of the available seat designs would be: angle seat, step seat, scissor seat, clearance seat, resilient seat, o-ring seat, and tadpole seat.

(Note: These valves can also be furnished for 50 psi differential pressure with the same trim options that are available for the low pressure series.)

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Butterfly Valve Parts

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SBVCustom Standard Butterfly Valves